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Commercial Intellectual Property Strategy

Dragon IP Strategics can provide assistance with the setting and/or implementation of an intellectual property strategy integrated with the client’s business strategy. Working with the client’s business planning process to gain a clear understanding of the path to market, Dragon IP Strategics can provide a comprehensive intellectual property strategy management service to support the client’s commercial position, including any or all of the following key elements for: commercial risk management by freedom to commercialise assessment and management, business development and planning and technology and/or intellectual property transfer.It can also assist with setting up the right deals, and in drafting and settling terms and contracts.

Please see corresponding sections below for details.

Commercial, Technology and Patent Searching

Dragon IP Strategics uses experienced cost-effective searching services for competitor and competitor activity and technology searches, and patentability, freedom to operate and validity searches. The client can undertake the analysis of the search results itself, or if required Dragon IP Strategics can provide clients with the relevant analyses and opinions.[top]

IP Landscaping, Freedom to Operate and Validity Opinions

Dragon IP Strategics can provide commercial risk management for the client by providing full analysis of the competitor IP landscape and an attorney opinion on the freedom to operate and commercialise a product, technology platform or service in that landscape, and as required assessing and providing an opinion on the validity of any possible problem IP, and advising on and assisting with solutions, such as product modification, licensing or acquisition. Dragon IP Strategics can work as the client decides, anywhere from an ad hoc basis to working with and/or implementing a full StageGate development process.[top]

Business and IP Planning and Development

Dragon IP Strategics uses cost-effective specialists with major in-house experience of business planning and development services, including identification of technology and IP platforms, market opportunities and competitor threats, routes to market, start-up and exit strategies and implementation activities, and suitable partners where these involve IP/technology transfer, such as in- and out-licensing, acquisition, e.g. for development and/or commercialisation and/or disposal of intellectual property and/or technology packages. Dragon IP Strategics can undertake whichever of these activities the client desires, from specific item work to a full service.

Additionally, Dragon IP Strategics can provide experience and expertise in developing and implementing a strategy for protecting commercial intellectual property developed by or for the client in the development of the technology platform for the market.[top]

Technology Transfer - Licensing, Acquisition and Disposal

Where the business strategy for product or technology platform development and/or commercialisation involves technology transfer, Dragon IP Strategics team has more than 20 years’ experience in multinationals and in working with academic spin-out, start-up and SME clients. This has been in giving expert commercial advice on technology and intellectual property transfer strategies (i.e. licensing and/or acquisition/disposal), and in working with the client to set and implement such strategies. This can involve identifying target partners, technologies and/or intellectual property, advice on deal structures and on commercial and IP legal agreement terms and competition law, negotiation and drafting and settling of term sheets and agreements, and post-agreement closure and agreement monitoring and policing activities. Dragon IP Strategics or its specialists can undertake whichever of these activities the client desires, from specific item work to a full service.[top]

Intellectual Property Portfolio Management

Under the umbrella of an IP strategy, Dragon IP Strategics can provide clients with any or all of the following intellectual property and related services, as and when and to the extent needed. For clients with larger portfolios, or practices handling larger client portfolios, Dragon IP Strategics can co-ordinate these procedures as desired. All services can be provided in-house at the client or practice or fully outsourced.[top]

For clients who require:

Patentability Opinions

Dragon IP Strategics can provide budgetary risk management for the client by providing full analysis and an attorney opinion on the IP directly protecting the client’s product, technology platform or service, and as required advising further IP where possible to block wider areas to the competition. Dragon IP Strategics can work as the client requires, anywhere from on an ad hoc basis to working with the client in a planned IP programme to match the client’s development programme.[top]

Intellectual Property Drafting, Filing, Prosecution, Defence etc.

Dragon IP Strategics drafts, files, prosecutes and defends patents, and other registration rights, to client requirements, such as through the client’s own formalities or agents, or direct to the UK or European Offices or elsewhere through its own associates.[top]


IP Strategics Due Diligence Reviews and Opinions

Dragon IP Strategics can provide an IP due diligence review, analysis and report on the commercial relevance of intellectual property portfolios and freedom to operate with product portfolios, and of associated contracts. These can be in respect of the clients own IP and/or contracts, e.g. as an ongoing monitoring process in the life of a business or for IP or technology out-licensing or divestment, or those of third parties, e.g. for targeted IP or technology in-licensing or acquisition. They can also be provided to an investor in respect of an investment target. [top]

Intellectual Property Training

Dragon IP Strategics can provide cost effective training for those who are not intellectual property professionals but who in their commercial life will benefit from a working understanding of intellectual property, e.g. in a commercial R&D environment, in managing intellectual property or in due diligence for investment or technology or business transfer.[top]

Portfolio Budgeting and Cost Management

Two of Dragon IP Strategics’s cost effective offered services are portfolio budgeting and optional portfolio cost management for the client or Dragon IP Strategics to manage intellectual property expenditure, which, e.g. is often a major 3-year commitment to global patent costs from an initial filing. Dragon IP Strategics annual projections and if desired cost management variance figures and recommendations are provided by a qualified accountant, experienced in IP and a range of industries.[top]



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