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How Dragon IP Strategics can add value to your company

Dragon IP Strategics believes that every company, especially technology-based development companies, has potentially valuable intellectual property (IP), be it valuable know-how, trade marks, designs, copyright material or patents. We believe that where possible it should be protected, e.g. by patents to give you an edge over the competition by helping you to exclude them from the market.

Dragon IP Strategics

At your choice, Dragon IP Strategics can:

  • review your company products or services and any IP and advise on what protection may be available and advisable for them, and obtain and defend IP protection for you
  • review the competitor landscape, check whether there is a clear route to market for your products free of valid competitor obstacles, or advise on steps to gain a clear route
  • provide due diligence services to advise on the relevance of your IP and the freedom to operate with your products, and on any associated contracts.

Dragon IP Strategics

More than that though, Dragon IP Strategics strongly beileves that IP shouldn't be a drain on valuable financial resources, and that IP should be made to work and give you a return on investmen. That should be an integral part of any business plan to identify where and when costs and returns may arise, and so assist financial forecasting and technological marketing and development.

Dragon IP Strategics can help you develop an IP portfolio that is aligned with your business objectives, by (at your choice)

  • understanding your business model and any exit strategies, and working as a member of your business team reviewing the competitor landscape, and advising on a clear route to market free of valid competitor obstacles, and advising on steps to gain a clear route
  • competitor intelligence and IP landscaping to identify, evaluate and deal with the market competition
  • identifying the best way to exploit your IP given relevant market factors and any exit strategy
  • creating and implementing short and long-term strategies to build a strong IP portfolio
  • creating value to attract investment and for levarage in any development/commercialisarion partnering or subcontracting
  • providing advice and support for licensing, acquisition or disposal, and related due diligence
  • assistance with deal creation
  • drafting and settling IP-based partnering or subcontract agreements.


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Our Team

The Dragon IP Strategics team includes associates Ellis IP, IP Innovation and IP Angles, comprising IP Attorneys, Solicitors and IP Managers;

Dragon IP Strategics includes:

Dr Peter Draggett EPA, CPA.
He has had over 25 years’ first-hand experience as an intellectual property attorney in a wide range of industry sectors of
ensuring freedom to commercialise products and services;
the hands-on creation, maintenance, defence and enforcement of intellectual property rights; and
providing clear, decisive, strategic advice at all levels up to CEO in multinational FTSE 100 companies on product and service development, and on acquisition, commercialisation and outlicensing/sale of intellectual property assets in line with corporate business strategy to maximise competitive advantage and return on investment,and
providing all these services, but in particular the strategic approach, to start-up and SME companies in a wide range of industry sectors.

This has involved deep understanding of the company business and working as an integral part of a business team to meet the commercial objectives required from intellectual property assets.

Our services are appropriate to all types of business from IP functions and practices seeking outsourced consultancy resource to start-up and SME companies, and investors.


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